Finding Hope Pack

This Is Where You Find Hope

A Beginer-Advance Canine Roleplay

About Us:


Finding Hope was first created January 2nd, 2013 then sadly became unactive - but then reopened July 29th, 2014.

We are a beginner-advanced roleplay, all we ask is that you try.

Our pack is located in Gainesville, Florida.

We are in the year 2022, post-apocalypse... Canines have now become the dominate species.

The human race has been killed off by a fatal virus from a lab that was accidentally let into the world. It soon took the lives of billions of humans. The death from this virus was excruciatingly painful. Thankfully it only effected the human kind.

Our colors are black, red and white. And our saying is "This is where you find hope..."

PS. The chat box is in the top left corner!


Your digits scrapped across the cement-terra as you tried to drag yourself away from a vehicle that had errupted in lashing flames... Your abdomin growled and ached as if it was trying to kill itself... Your eyes had a stone cold glaze to them because you hadn't slept in days, being unaware of the dangerous rabids that romed around the city... The glowing orange sun beat down onto your pelt harsly as it heated the side-walk - causing your pads to burn and crack. Your long, dry, pink toungue rolled out of your mouth to lap in the dry air as you managed to walk a few tail-lengths farther untill you couldn't bare the hunger, heat and tiresome... All faded to a deep shade of black and grey as you collapsed onto the burning ground...

You started to become aware as your surroundings... Your nose twitched as you breathed in, the scent of other canines heavily lingered around you. You slowly opened you crusted eyes and looked at the blurred shapes of what was normally detailed color. You soon came upon a male German Shapherd with ice blue eyes. He was the only thing that didn't look like a colored blob. He stood regally, his ears erect, his neck straight, his skull high, and his tail off his back.
"What's your calling?" he said in a soft but demanding tone, trying not to scare you but you still became a bit startled.
"I.. I don't remember..." you said, your voice raspy and dry, as if you've never spoken before.
"Very well... You look like you need some help... Would you care to stop looking for a chance and find your hope and home here with us?"
A home? You've never really had a home before... Is this all a dream? ...Us...? You looked around and you saw the fuzzy splotches come into focus to be other dogs... A family...
Male who spoke to you must've been the Alpha, you thought. Soon the other canines, along with the Alpha began to walk off, except for two or three healers that assisted you on standing and walking on your wobbley appendages as they began to take you to get better...